Nqanqa joined Mzantsi Wakho as a research assistant in February 2017. She was born in East London but spend over 20 years in Cape Town where she gained invaluable experience in working  with vulnerable populations. Specifically, Nqanqa worked with elderly people in the ‘Panorama Palms Retirement Villages’. Further, Nqanqa took up a role for the HIV/AIDS project ‘Famsa’ where she  provided teenagers with information about HIV/AIDS and educated them on how to use their treatments.

About her work for Mzantski Wakho, Nqanqa enjoys the working with different people in the community. She is especially fond of working with children and teenagers and would like to continue working with small children in the future. In her spare time, Nqanqa is a committed political activist who is busy planning and carrying out campaigns.