Pumza joined the clinics team of Mzantsi Wakho in April 2017.  Pumza is busy collecting data from a wide range of health service providers in and around East London. Before joining the team, Pumza successfully completed a BSc in Health Promotion from Walter Sisulu University where she developed an interest in communicable, non-communicable, and chronic diseases. Pumza is determined to continue her education with a postgraduate diploma in public health after completing her work with Mzantsi Wakho. Pumza believes she is learning a great deal from her work at Mzantsi Wakho for her future career in public health.

Pumza is a highly-motivated individual who is extremely well organized, able to plan well and adapt to new environments quickly. She is an expert in multi-tasking and works well in stressful environments and under pressure. She is very reliable and always follows through with her obligations to the highest standards. Pumza works well independently but she has also proven herself an excellent team-player in Mzantski Wakho! Pumza has strong oral and written communication skills which enable her to relate to people with varied backgrounds. Pumza is very determined to make a positive difference in people’s lives!