Sinebhongo is from King William’s Town and joined Mzantsi Wakho in March 2017 after being fully trained in ‘electrical infrastructure’. Sinebhongo especially loves working with the boys (i.e., getting to know different individuals and their lifestyles) and has become the team-specialist in working with our young male participant-pool.

In East London, Sinebhongo plays a key role in quantitative data collection in a variety of field sites.  Additionally, Sinebhongo works closely with Lesley  Gittings both in King William’s town and East London on setting up a new qualitative study ‘Ezobudoda’  (Eng.: ‘Manhood’) – a project that will aim to interview 16+ boys from August 2017. In the future, Sinebhongo was planning to go back into the electrical infrastructure, but is now enjoying the project so much that he may want to change gears.