Thobani stays in Khayeltisha, started to work as a volunteer for Treatment Action Campaign early in 1999(District organiser), also luckily to be the first patients to start ARV programme with MSF. In 2002 I was the only men between women who participated in the memory books and boxes aimed to help people come to terms with diagnosis, to disclose their HIV-status to their families and children to begin planning for the future. Life goes on as I was luckily to visit UK in 2012 to present my visual art where we as a group collaborated with the Unlimited Global Alchemy.

Now that I am also part of Mzantsi Wakho doing face to face interviews with young participants that makes me feel happy, knowing that I will do the best I can. I have been more than ten years doing interviews since from ASRU, Cape Area Panel Study, NIDS and other research projects. I am working as an assistant researcher and admin at Centre for Social Science Department.